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Booking is easy: 1:Check date  2.Agree tour  3.Pay deposit

No. in Group  (1- 4 maximum)
Price is per tour regardless of the number on tour. Check the Tour Prices page for prices and what is included in a tour.

Larger Tour If you are staying in Scotland before or after the tour let me know. Even if your tour doesn't start immediately you can be met at the airport or train station and taken to your accommodation.

Areas of Interest
Have a look round the Tour Scotland section and let me know if there are specific areas that you are interested in seeing on your tour.  Also have a look at the  Sample Tours for ideas of what can be covered in any timescale. Remember that your tour is tailor-made to suit your interests.

Message: Let me know of any special requirements or particular areas of interest - your likes, dislikes etc. and any motability issues. Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Tour Prices
Just drop me a line to see if I'm available and let me know: How many is it for; for how long; and where you would like to go. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. .


Privacy: Don't worry your e-mail address is not used for marketing in any way by Black Kilt Tours and lists are not given to third parties. 

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