FAQ - Questions about planning tours and visiting Scotland

If you have any questions- feel free to ask

Black Kilt Tours is for those people that are looking for something special. Perhaps you wish to visit an area not covered by coach tours. Perhaps you need more frequent stops or have a young child. Perhaps you have mobility issues. For whatever reason, that shouldn't prevent you from seeing Scotland and experiencing all that it has to offer.

Black Kilt Tours is open to everyone, with no age restrictions for children travelling with responsible adults. Assistance dogs and fold up wheel chairs can also be carried, see Accessibility Statement
Planning your trip

Am I covered by Insurance?

I don't know where to start?

How flexible is the trip?

If I book a tour will other people join us?

Can it be changed en-route?

I'm on my own; can I book a trip with you?

I'd like to stay in Edinburgh for a few days before or after the trip, is that possible?

I'm touring the UK and have already hired a car, can we use that to tour?

My arrival and departure points in Scotland are different, is that a problem?

Do you do day trips?

What is the transport?

Can I bring my Assistance Dog?

I have a yound child, are there any age restrictions?


Am I free to book my own accommodation?

What about gay or gay friendly accommodation?

Can you book it for me?

Where do you stay?

Is there internet and mobile coverage?

Walking in the hills and mountains

Can I combine longer walks as part of the tour?

The Weather

What if I don't like the weather?

What should I wear?

Health & Safety

What if I fall and break a leg half way up a mountain?

I have diabetes - Where can I store my insulin?

Can I use Mobile Satnav?

The Wild Life

What is the wee Highland Midge?

What other wildlife can I expect to see?

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