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 Dundee: City of Discovery

The city of Dundee can be added to your itinerary as part of a North-east Tour or as a stopover as part of a Fife Tour

The city of The Three Js: Jam, Jute and Journalism

Dundee is also where the PC games Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto were developed. If you had a Timex watch when you were a child this where it is likely to have been made. The same factory was used to make the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer.

Dundee was also the centre of the Whaling Industry and built specialist ice-breaker ships. It was to Dundee that the famous Explorer Captain Scott turned to build a ship for his Antartic Expedition. His ship the RRS Discovery, is now berthed in the city harbour and forms part of a major redevelopment of the seafront.

Jute: When it was discovered that course jute fibre could be softened mechanically by the whale oil, no longer required for lamps, Dundee became the centre of the Jute industry, controlling and importing vast quanities of Jute fibre from Bengal and Bangladesh. This was woven into a course canvas cloth and used as sacking and the backing for linoleum (made in Kirkcaldy). Jute canvas was exported in enormous amounts to America, as sacks used to bale cotton and provided the cloth for the traditional covered wagons of the Wild West. If you are researching your family tree for ancestors from Dundee it is highly likely that there will be a Jute connections and you can visit The Verdant Works to see the history of this important industry.

Jam: Dundee Orange Marmalade
(the story)
(Marmalade was originally a preserve made from quinces) James Keillor & Son Ltd (1787) was the first commercial brand of marmalade

A Spanish ship taking refuge from a storm in Dundee harbour was carrying a large cargo of Seville oranges. James Keillor bought them cheaply but found that owing to their bitterness he was unable to sell them. His ingenious wife, Janet, not wishing to waste the fruit, used the bitter oranges, to make some pots of preserve with added pieces of rind.. This proved to be so popular that the Dundee public demanded more. Several generations later, in 1797, another Mrs Keiller and her son James finally felt confident enough to build the world's first marmalade factory.

Desperate Dan
Desperate Dan from the 'Beano

: DC Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Home of The Beano, The Dandy, The Broons and Oor Willie

A west end road in Dundee is to be called "Bash Street" after the misbehaving cartoon school children aka the Bash Street Kids featured in The Beano.

Dundee Gay Bars and Clubs

2 St Andrew's Lane,
Dundee,DD1 2EY

Opening Times
Wed/Thu 7pm to midnight
Fri - Sun 3pm to midnight

The Salty Dog

15 Crichton Street,
Dundee DD1 3AP

Opening Times
Sun - Tue 4pm to midnight
Wed/Thu 2pm to midnight
Fri/Sat 11am to midnight

The Klozet
(orig. the Gauger)
73-75 Seagate,
Dundee DD1

Opening Times
Mon- Sat 11am - midnight
Sun 12:30pm to midnight

Out Nightclub
124 Seagate,
Dundee DD1 2HB
scene and beyond
Gay Switchboard Diversitay provides a helpline between 7 and 9pm, on Monday nights
01382 20 26 20


Apex, Dundee
1 W Victoria Dock Rd, Dundee DD1 3JP

Across the street from City Quay, this contemporary hotel is a 6-minute walk from Caird Hall and a 14-minute walk from Dundee train station.

A bar and brasserie offering global fare serves breakfast, lunch and evening meals. The spa has a fitness suite, an indoor pool, hot tubs, a sauna, a steam room and 5 treatment rooms. Other amenities include free parking.

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