Lesbian Scotland

 Lesbian Scotland

I am aware that Black Kilt Tours refers to a predominately male form of dress and the logo is of me in a kilt, but it is good to see women contibute to this site. The LGBT community should be the one place where doubly marginised women feel included.

Fortunately, Scotland has a large number of high profile lesbians in Scottish politics:  Ruth Davidson (leader of the Conservatives); Kezia Dugdale (leader of Labour in Scotland) and Mhairi Black (SNP) the youngest MP in Westminster. All are judged on their politics rather than their sexuality.

However, do a Google search for Lesbian Scotland and all that pops up are dating sites; this isn't one of them. Black Kilt Tours is designed to provide a safe environment to explore Scotland and do the things and see the places everyone else wants to see but without hassle.

You can also help; if you know of any specifically lesbian friendly places to stay or bars in Scotland let me know.

One of the advantages of a personal tour is the accessibility and flexibility that this type of tours allows. So when Tracy and Cyndie asked to see the locations in the 'Outlander' by Diane Gabaldon it was easy to incorporate.

It so happened that it coincided with an open day at Castle Leod. Who could have guessed we would have our own tour of the castle and regaled with tales of adventure of the Mackenzies v the MacLeods by John "Caberfeidh" Mackenzie, the clan chief!

" It was amazing having a personal tour-guide that also knew all of the historical background of the sites that we visited. Went to one cool club called Delmonico's [Delmonicas] which had a nice atmosphere, cool design, but it was a super quiet evening there. Next door to it, is a late night dance club to transition to after hanging out in the bar part of it."          Tracy

Clava Cairns
Tracy at Faerie Glen, Skye
Lesbian Scotland
Information and links to a range of venues, groups and resources for gay and bisexual women living in or visiting Scotland.
Wigtown: ReagingLasses - the only specialist women's bookshop left in the UK
ReadingLasses 17 South Main St. Wigtown DG8 9EH

With a collection of over 25,000 books ReadingLasses is a charming bookshop and cafe with a lovely self-catering apartment located just above an organic garden providing produce for the kitchen. Situated in Wigtown, Scotland’s national Booktown, ReadingLasses is surrounded by some of the most peaceful and beautiful countryside in South West Scotland.
ReadingLasses offers accommodation for up to 5 people in a well appointed self catering apartment over the books in the heart of Wigtown.

"Ross, maybe you will come down and see us on a tour one day? we had the gay bikers tour staying in our accommodation last year! warm wishes and good luck with your venture!" Gerrie

Elite Falconry
Cluny Main Farms, Kirkcaldy KY2 6QU
Tel:01592 722143
Elite Falconry
Hi. Just to let you know, that we (Elite Falconry) are a very lesbian friendly facility, happy to provide ladies only experience days, and even amazing days or weeks away in the Highlands in winter, flying eagles by day, and cozied up by the fire at night.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there is a hassle free falconry company in Scotland.

Civil Partnership /Same sex Marriage rules in Scotland
(first marriage took take place 31/12/14)

There is no residential qualification required for those registering their civil partnership/same sex marriage north of the Border or parental consent required. Scotland thus has the competitive edge for British couples who do not wish to be bound by these regulations, or for overseas couples who want to fly in just for the ceremony. Always remember you can protect your partner financially without your family knowing.

Booking Accommodation When you are booking a room for you and your partner remember to state clearly whether you wish a double or twin beds. It avoids the hotel or B&B having to guess and any awkardness. Remember any form of discrimination is illegal in Scotland.
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